Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Choosing a Jamberry Base Coat

Using a base coat under your wraps is a great way to protect your nails (or ensure longer wear under lacquer).  If you're having trouble deciding which Jamberry base coat to try, here's a visual for you.

I've been using the strengthening base coat under my wraps for around a month, and it thickens and protects my nails very well. However, today I wore a glimmer (metallic) wrap which shows every little ridge!  (See pinky nail in the photo above). After doing my pinky nail and noticing the ridges, I quickly applied the Smoothing base coat on the rest of my nails and look at the difference! It gives that thick, smooth, almost acrylic-like look.  Like pools of liquid metal.

It's more noticeable in person so I took a quick video too (you might need to go full-screen if possible):

Just to reiterate, my pinky nail has Strengthening base coat and the rest have Smoothing.  I'm normally very happy with the strengthening base coat and it makes my nails feel thicker, stronger, and protects them from the super strong adhesive.  But if you have severe ridges or wear a lot of the metallics, I would choose the smoothing base coat.  

It's subtle but it does make a pretty big difference live and in living color!

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