Friday, January 23, 2015

Basic Jamberry Nails application video showing 4 methods (includingbaggie, rice bag and spoon pusher)

I try to keep my videos short and sweet with loads of helpful tips.  This one is on the longer side but I promise you'll learn a lot!  It covers the popular "baggie method" as well as other options for that final heat/press step.  I'll highlight some of the key points below:


  • Condition the nail with oil and hand cream several times between applications.
  • It's good to use a cuticle remover at least occasionally.
  • Clean nails with alcohol or vinegar prior immediately before applying new wraps.


  • Handle the wrap with a cuticle pusher to keep the oils from breaking down the adhesive
  • Use a rubber tip cuticle pusher (or a wine cork!) to seal edges
  • Do one whole hand before you trim/file the excess (this allows a little cooling time)

4 options for the final heat/press step

  • Just apply more heat directly to the nail and use your rubber tip cuticle pusher again to seal the edges and tips
  • "The Baggie Method" wrap a plastic sandwich bag TIGHT around each nail, then apply more heat for simultaneous heat/pressure
  • "The Rice Bag Method" heat a rice bag in the microwave and pinch it around the fingers
  • Warm the metal spoon pusher and use it like an iron to seal edges
Here is what a spoon pusher looks like, it's good for prep too!  You can get it at the beauty supply but it's MUCH cheaper online.  This is an affiliate link:

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