Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What is Jamberry Stylebox?

If you already love Jamberry, you definitely need to know about Stylebox!  StyleBox is a beauty subscription for your nails!  You get exclusive products delivered each month, plus it's discounted AND you get free shipping.  Honestly, if you love Jamberry, you can't  beat it.  

Here's the official video...

So each month you get 2 sheets (or 1 sheet and 1 lacquer) -- at least 1 of the designs is exclusive, sometimes both.  (>>>UPDATE in March, Jamberry announced that going forward both products will be exclusive designs!). They also add a file and an orange stick because you always need more of those.  And sometimes there's another bonus, like this pink lipstick that came in the January box.    

In October we got these cute bonus decals...

You can start with as short as a 3-month plan, and then go month to month (which is what I did).  You can gift your box and even skip a month once per quarter.  If you sign up in a party, the hostess gets credit/rewards on the whole subscription value -- that's why I usually recommend the hostess orders it in her own party.  Are you suddenly feeling like having a party?!   

I know what you're thinking and no, you don't get to pick the wraps.  And yes, there is a risk that you'll get something you don't like.  But I can help you trade if you don't like it, so don't fret! 

When you sign up, you take a quiz to find out your style, but, between you and me, it won't change what's in the box - they're all the same.  But each month they make a cute video with style tips.  Take the quiz here!  

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