Friday, January 23, 2015

"The Tape Trick" for trimming Jamberry wraps to fit odd shaped nails (with video)

Every once in a while, someone will have that one funky nail -- maybe it's a little crooked or maybe the cuticle is a bit tapered.  I have a nail like that (tapered) so sometimes I trim one of the larger wraps down so it fits perfectly. (Sometimes I'll just use a smaller wrap and have some exposed nail, but I know that would drive some people cray cray).   I can't take credit for the idea, I picked it up from a fellow consultant, but it is brilliant and easy.  You make a reusable template from painters tape or masking tape!  This is really great for big toes which usually have a weird angled slope on one side.  And it's an EXCELLENT way to use the leftover wraps that are too large and trim them down to get a 3rd manicure from a sheet, or if you just need an accent nail.  The video is pretty short (3 minutes), and here's a series of pictures if you prefer:


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